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An often underestimated element for optimal multimedia enjoyment is the cable to the speaker, network and power cable.

The cable connection transmits a signal from the source to the receiving device and, despite the insulation, is susceptible to external sources of interference.

Another very common number reflects the signal loss to the receiving device.

At 1Box4Buy we also offer high-quality speaker cables. We rely on CCA, SPOF and OFC technology. These abbreviations describe the material that was used in the manufacture of the cable. CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) is an acronym for copper-coated aluminum. CCA speaker cables are cheaper than their counterparts. Due to an enlarged cross-section of the conductor, longer distances can also be covered with CCA cables without significant signal loss. OFC speaker cables are made of oxygen-free copper (Oxygen Free Copper). Copper is most commonly used in electrical engineering, but is more expensive than e.g. Aluminum. With our cable in superior SPOFC (Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper, silver-plated, oxygen-free copper, one wire silver-plated) in 1Box4Buy Standard, you can close your loudspeakers for really good ones. Due to the lower specific resistance, OFC is a first-class conductor for the electrical current.

Connect your PC, notebook or game console to the Internet or the network. With our high-quality, high-quality CAT.7 installation cable 0.59 mm, you can connect your network-compatible devices for lightning-fast data transmission.

Power cable as an installation cable, for laying on, in and under plaster, in dry, damp and wet rooms, as well as in masonry and in concrete. Direct embedding in vibrated, shaken or stamped concrete is not permitted. Can also be used outdoors, provided protection from direct sunlight is guaranteed. The product conforms to the 2006/95 / EC directive (low voltage directive).

No matter whether speaker or power cable, 1Box4Buy connects your electrical devices with the appropriate high quality cabling. With our products from the cable sector, an interference-free signal is guaranteed. Our power cables and loudspeaker cables thus meet all the requirements for perfect picture and sound enjoyment and are irreplaceable companions for the personal home entertainment package in the living area. Convince yourself of our 1Box4Buy Standard and contact us in advance with questions about your products.


  • Power cord

    Here you will find high quality power cables.

    Please read the description of the individual articles carefully before you choose one of the electrical power cables.

  • equipment

    Banana plugs can be purchased from us and are part of the 1Box4Buy cable accessories.

    Banana plugs are used in the audio area for speakers and amplifiers in order to be able to produce a perfect sound.

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