TV mounts and tv wall brackets

At 1Box4Buy we specialize in brackets for TVs, projectors, monitors and other multimedia devices.

With this we provide you, for example, with the necessary components for a successful and, above all, safe installation of your TV or the optimal installation of your projector. Brackets for TV and multimedia are available in many types and forms. Wall brackets, ceiling and table brackets serve for flexible room design and thus enable a modern feeling of living. TV and multimedia brackets offer independence and space compared to the rest of the furniture. Storage spaces can be used in a different way thanks to the freely mounted brackets. Televisions that originally required a lot of space and a special TV rack even as flatscreen can do with an appropriate TV bracket without additional cupboards or storage space. Monitors with a table bracket make work easier and enlarge the work area in the office. Of course, table holders are also useful for tablets and other receivers.

Tips for positioning TVs and TV furniture

In many households, the position of the antenna socket is crucial for the placement of the television. However, many aspects of good vision are neglected. With a special TV bracket, you are much more flexible when it comes to mounting.

  • 1.) An essential factor for an optimal view of the television is the sunlight. Enjoying the razor-sharp image of an expensive TV should not be clouded due to light sources. If the television is standing with its back to the window, the sun can dazzle during the day. If the TV is facing a source of sunlight, there is an undesirable reflection. Artificial light can also affect the contrast and brightness of the TV. Therefore, pay attention to the different lighting conditions when installing your TV and multimedia bracket in order to avoid unnecessary drilling, e.g. for a wall bracket.
  • 2.) Projection screens for projectors and televisions should always be at a suitable distance from the viewer. This distance can be determined from the screen diagonal of the receiving device. As a rule of thumb, the triple screen size can be considered the optimal position of the TV. Ceiling and wall brackets help to achieve the ideal distance from the TV. When buying a large screen, the size of the living room should therefore always be taken into account.
  • 3.) For optimal TV viewing, not only the distance of the viewer from the television, but also the height of the attachment is crucial. The center of the image area should ideally be at eye level to avoid subsequent problems of a permanently tense head posture. Here, too, multimedia mounts can help perfect your own home cinema experience.
  • 4.) Pay attention to the necessary cable connections to the antenna sockets. If you rely on free-standing televisions, you cannot simply hide the wiring behind the TV furniture. A tangle of cables under a TV bracket can be avoided, for example, by flush mounting. Alternatively, cable ducts can be laid to hide unsightly cables under a ceiling bracket. When installing your TV, we also offer you high-quality SAT and antenna cables via 1Box4Buy.

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