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Mammut - Citrullin Powder, 200 g can


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Mammut Citrullin Powder, 200 g can

Information for a can

  • Citrulline as a powder
  • Starting material for arginine
  • 200 g can
  • Arginine has an influence on veins and the nutrient distribution in the body optimized for magnesium
  • ideal before training
  • incl. practical measuring spoon

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Mammut - L-Citrullin Powder, 200 g can

The advantages at a glance:

  • L-Citrulline as a powder
  • L-citrulline is the starting material for arginine
  • Ideal before training

Mammut Citrullin Powder is high-quality citrulline in powder form. Citrulline occurs naturally, in a very high concentration in the skin of the watermelon and is based on its name "Citrullus vulgarus". For example, citrulline is produced in the body as an intermediate in the urea cycle. In addition, the citrulline present in the body can be converted to arginine in the kidneys. The semi-essential amino acid arginine has a direct influence on our blood circulation through nitrogen formation (NO). For example, the distribution of nutrients is promoted by enlarged blood vessels. This way, oxygen and nutrients get to the place in the body where they are needed.

In addition, Mammut's Citrullin Powder was optimized with magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral that must be made available to the body through food or supplements. Among other things, magnesium makes a positive contribution to reducing tiredness and fatigue. Many athletes complain of cramps after training, the muscles no longer function as they should. Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function here.

Recommended dose :

Take 5 g (= 1 level measuring spoon) of Citrullin Powder daily with sufficient water before training. A can of Citrullin Powder contains 200 g.

Note :

The specified recommended daily consumption amount must not be exceeded! No substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of small children. Not suitable for children and teenagers. Not suitable for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people who have suffered a heart attack. People who are taking medications to lower blood pressure, are on a low-protein diet, or have kidney or liver problems should consult their doctor before eating.

Store the product closed, dry, protected from light and at room temperature (15 ° - 25 ° C). Use within 5 months after opening.

Mammut Citrullin, dietary supplement with L-citrulline (51.5%) and magnesium.

Advice for allergy sufferers:

May contain traces of gluten, milk (contains lactose), soy and egg protein.

Nutritional table :

Average Nutritional Values ​​ per 100 g per portion(5 g powder)
calorific value 545 kJ (125 kcal) 27.3 kJ (6.3 kcal)
Fat 0,1 g < 0,1 g
- of which total fatty acids < 0,1 g < 0,1 g
carbohydrates < 0,1 g < 0,1 g
- of which sugars < 0,1 g < 0,1 g
Protein < 0,1 g < 0,1 g
Salt < 0,1 g < 0,1 g


amount of nutrients / other substances per serving (5 g powder) % NRV *
Magnesium 125.0 mg 33
L-citrulline 2.6 g -

* NRV =% of nutrient reference values (according to VO (EG) Nr: 1169/2011)

Ingredients :

L-citrulline malate (73.6%), magnesium citrate, vegetable oil (palm oil), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide).

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